Membership $20 p.a. ($10 concession)

This is our life blood!   

Your memberships allow us to:

  • work with and assisting communities to develop community-owned renewable energy
  • continue working in finding community partners to install solar
  • advocating for more supportive government policy.

Membership is used to support and promote community-owned renewable energy in Queensland and allows you to:

  • Be an active member, passive member or somewhere in between
  • Participate –  contribute your time/skills to create local change
  • Learn – about energy, business and community by getting involved
  • Vote – have a direct say & vote at meetings
  • Invest – only members are eligible to invest in our projects 
  • Community – more members = more ‘community’

Energetic Communities; BSB – 313-140; Account – 12098268 (and please remember to let us know who you are in the reference: Membership – Your Name)

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