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Working for fairer, affordable and sustainable energy for all!

Energy performance of homes, including electrification, energy efficiency, demand response and behaviours, is a real opportunity to improve peoples homes, affordability and action on climate change! Renters should be able to access these opportunities too.

Poorer quality housing can provide some of the greatest energy efficiency opportunities (in terms of improving costs of living and health for rental and low-income households)

A key focus of Energetic Communities work over the last year has been a focus to create Livable Homes for All. Everybody deserves access to clean, renewable and affordable energy, as well as energy efficiency, climate reslient, healthy, and affordable housing. This shouldn’t be determined by where they live, what kind house they live in, what community they’re a part of, or whether they rent or own their home. Both renters and low -income households should be given the agency to ensure they have the same access to sustainable and affordable homes.

Unfortunately,  Queensland rental laws fail to ensure equitable access to sustainable, healthy, affordable, or secure housing, or easy access to renewable energy. It is often the lowest income households living in the poorest quality rentals, leading to significant health and affordability outcomes

The good news is the poorest quality housing present low hanging and very juicy fruit!

Community Energy, in all of its forms (community ownership, donaton models, community grds, community controlled batteries) are one way to achieve this. Our rental laws and regulations also need updating to catch up with other states and territories in Australia and overseas.

Home Energy Efficiency Upgrades - everyone deserves affordable, efficient and healthy homes

Home Energy Efficiency Upgrades – everyone deserves affordable, efficient and healthy homes! The system needs to change to ensure this includes renters and low income households.

Energetic Communities Association is a Queensland-wide community organisation that advocates social and regulatory change to:

  • Achieve a fast and fair transition through research, engagement and advocacy in sustainable energy, energy equity, energy efficiency, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and healthier and affordable homes for vulnerable households, communities and not for profits.
  • A fairer renting system.
  • Collaborate with consumer and sustainability advocates in Queensland and Nationally.
  • Be champions of Community Energy  through maintaining our project at the FoodConnect Shed so that people in Qld have an example of how communities can own energy projects.

We aim to represent the interests of households, communities, and not for profit organisations working in the social, environmental and community sectors, ensuring that affordability, equity and low emissions are prioritised in the market design and regulation.

Emission reduction is not enough. We need to ensure our homes and places of work are resilient to the impacts of climate change, and that those of us who rent do not miss out.

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