Key Organisations and Documents

Key Organisations

The following organisations are key organisations in the growing Community Energy sector.  They are the go to starting points for anyone interested in developing community energy projects in their community.

CPA logoThe Community Power Agency was established in 2011 to support community groups in navigating the complex process of setting up community owned renewable energy (community energy) projects.  They work to grow a vibrant community energy sector in Australia, through working collaboratively with other organisations
to address systemic barriers facing the sector as a whole.


The Coalition forC4CE Logo Community Energy (C4CE) is a coalition of over 60 organisations working collaboratively to grow a community energy sector in Australia. C4CE was founded using a Collaborative Impact approach; it fosters win-win situations and in so doing is creating a quicker, more efficient path to a community energy sector with hundreds of community energy projects that benefit all Australian communities. Community Power Agency helped found and now coordinates C4CE as the Secretariat.

Key Documents

The following documents are the must-haves for anyone interested in understanding community energy in Australia:

Small Scale Community Solar Guide – Version 2

  1. Introduction and overview
  2. Choosing the right model
  3. Community solar models that work in the current context
  4. Models showcase
  5. Common legal framework
  6. Finding a host site customer


National Community Energy Strategy (NCES)

To develop a shared agenda ~ vision, set of objectives and priority initiatives ~ to grow a vibrant community energy sector across Australia. To ensure that this is truly a shared agenda, a highly collaborative process has been undertaken to build and secure commitment to this agenda from all key actors in the emerging community energy sector.

  1. Introduction
  2. National Community Energy Strategy Summary
  3. Vision
  4. Sub-Strategy 1: Models of Community Energy
  5. Sub-Strategy 2: Funding and Finance
  6. Sub-Strategy 3: Capacity Building
  7. Sub-Strategy 4: Profile Raising and Stakeholder Support
  8. Sub-Strategy 5: Policy and Regulatory Reform Sub-Strategy
  9. Delivering the Strategy and tracking progress
  10. Appendices and Additional Information