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Sustainable Society

An example of sustainability services for your organisation

We are a community organisation that promotes sustainability in small business, community groups schools, not for profits and the broader community. We run workshops on sustainability, including sustainable energy, sustainability action plans, permaculture, green building and appropriate technology for community groups. We assist schools and small business in sustainable energy, sustainable food, peak oil, carbon footprints and zero carbon plans, climate change and sustainability research and consultancy, sustainability action planning and behaviour change programs and facilitate organisations on their pathway to sustainability.

We aim to build community resilience to the twin concerns of Peak Oil and Climate Change while also building a sense of community.  Energetic Communities Association Inc. is a Social Enterprise providing services in:

  • Carbon Footprinting
  • Sustainability Assessment and Planning.
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Carbon Management
  • Business Efficiency
  • Climate Change and Sustainability Research and Consultancy
  • Permaculture Design

SAPsCarbon Management

Energetic Communities Association Inc. helps your organisation and community groups with carbon accounting, reduction and strategies. We will identify where your emissions are coming from and target actions that are most cost effective for your organisation.  Behaviour of your staff and contractors are integrated int our assessments.

TBL2Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Energetic Communities Association Inc. provides energy efficiency and conservation services that are directed at domestic, industrial and government clients. We can offer clients a holistic appraisal of energy-using equipment, consumption patterns and behaviour related to energy use.  With a range of resources available, Energetic Communities Association Inc. can also save you money by identifying opportunities for shared costing, such as options during refurbishment. Additionally, we also specialise in the design and implementation of Energy Management Plans to reduce both your energy costs and GHG emissions.

Sustainability Assessment and Strategies

Energetic Communities Association Inc. can assist your organisation, school or community group to develop and reach its sustainability goals.  This includes small organisations and regional councils. 

Sustainable Communications and Community Workshops

Energetic Communities Association Inc. facilitates community and organisation workshops.

Our workshops cover a number of issues and topics including

  • Community Owned Renewable Energy
  • Sustainability Action Plans
  • Carbon Management
  • Just Transitions
  • Appropriate Technology

Carbon Management

We all know energy costs are rising and that high carbon emissions put your organisation at risk.  In fact, since 2007, electricity prices have risen about 70 per cent and are expected to continue rising as more Australians use air conditioning, pool filters and other high demand appliances.  The costs of liquid and gaseous fuels …

Energy Efficiency

Energetic Communities Association Inc. is actively working on an energy efficient future and targeting a 100% Renewable Energy society.  We work in collaboration with other community organisations to find the best solutions for all.With the increased awareness of climate change and increasing costs of energy, businesses, not-for-profits and homeowners are looking for opportunities to reduce both energy costs and …

Sustainability Assessment and Planning.

Energetic Communities Association Inc. can assist your organisation, school or community group to develop and reach its sustainability goals.  This includes small organisations and regional councils.  Sustainability is a broad topic, one that is often misunderstood!  We will audit where you are now and can take you through a participatory and cooperative process to develop action plans and strategies.