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Working for fairer, affordable and sustainable energy for all!

Energetic Communities Association is a community organisation that aims to
  • develop Community Energy¬†projects and help build the capacity of communities to develop their own community energy projects.
  • achieve a fast and fair transition through research, engagement and advocacy in sustainable energy, energy equity, energy efficiency and climate change adaptation and mitigation for vulnerable households, communities and not for profits.
  • collaborate with consumer and sustainability advocates in Queensland and Nationally.

We aim to represent the interests of households, communities, and not for profit organisations working in the social, environmental and community sectors, ensuring that affordability, equity and low emissions are prioritised in the market design and regulation.

Emission reduction is not enough. We need to ensure our homes and places of work are resilient to the impacts of climate change, and that those of us who rent do not miss out.

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We are happy to share our Rules with any community wanting to start their own projects.